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I'll close my eyes, hope for the best
As my focus Pursues the sharp pain in my chest.
This song stems from my skull
The fragmented remains of what went wrong
The movie replays a thousand times
Can't get through I'm stepping on land mines.

The explosions represent when conversation went wrong
The wrong word was said
It's gone it can't be changed
Get out of my head

This skull is my sanctuary
A place I can think where nobody can hear me
Protected by bones and brain,
Scenarios run the outcomes the same

I've lived in this head for too long
Thinking of the places I've been
Thinking if ways to get by where I can do no wrong

Every day is a living hell inside my hideaway,
My happiness has become my prey

I don't know if I'm in here alone
I don't know if I'm safe or being followed
I'm just getting in my own way
Because that's what I was born to do

I'm so angry with myself
Every night I lose the part of the day that made me happy to be where I am with the people who love me

I'm jaded, fed up, pissed off, frustrated
Snubbed by my over thinking skull
I wanna smash my head into a pulp
I don't wanna think of this anymore

I thought the bone would protect me
Nothing can stop me
I'm the archetype of what you can't be.


from Binary EP, track released April 16, 2014



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Paths Howell, Michigan

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