Poisoned Eyes (feat. Ty Ennis)

from by Paths



Waking up in the empty of the night,
voice in my throat screams 'what happened to my light?'
I'm alone and the room is quiet,
all of my failures scream out into the silence

*What do you think you're doing with your life?
frustration, conversations ending all in strife

I'm at a disagreement with myself, thoughts pushing me deeper into hell

*Can't you be happy for once in your life you pathetic piece of shit?

Get a grip man, your mind's slipping, you're losing it

*Every little lie you tell yourself,
at the end of the day, you're still on a shelf.

I've got fire and hate in my eyes
burning up the sight of who I despise
The light is absent as the room comes crashing down
I'm waiting for that sweet release of sound

So say goodbye to the man that you once knew
I'm not holding back from what I have to do to you
My soul's alive and its leaving this body to burn you

Your poisoned eyes can't see through mine,
your open mouth makes up for absent mind,
at least that's what you've been trying to tell me,
out of your mind is this thought,
you are my enemy.

My dirty hands want to grasp your beating heart

Just listen closely, you've been doomed from the start

I won't believe it.

Plague in my mind, a day it takes to defeat it.


from Binary EP, track released April 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Paths Howell, Michigan

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