Codex (feat. Cody Dean)

from by Paths



I'm trying to wake up
from nightmares I've never seen
I'll take sentiments payed
just to wipe my dirty conscience clean

Every day it's wake, sleep, repeat
and my thoughts feel so off beat
I'm moving slowly beneath sleep's warming embrace and razor sharp teeth

I'll sleep deeply tonight
knowing my day got up and passed me by
I just regret not saying goodbye
to my responsible life

I can't spare any time
So I'll take from yours,
replenish my eyes,
I'll sleep forever more

I live the same days twice
only remembering my simple nights

Days go by without a trace,
I wait through my own inevitable mistakes
Every moment is a passing phase
Weeks go by where I sit in my waste
Each second that passes
My time's been misplaced

*Just another day, guess I'll feel unstable
With the weight of my hate crushing down on my ankles.
Guess it had to come to this, the life that I missed,
Solely unaccomplished.
Nothing, no one, no shoulder to fall on,
Living with my eyes shut

Mouth open, catching flies
a day dies before my eyes
the sunlight passes, no goals accomplished,
I feel no fulfillment that I was promised
My ability to fail is flawless
The night makes me think, Its bricks hit the hardest.
My eyes are open a sign that I'm hoping
My eyes wont burn when the sunlight ropes me
today will be the day fresh air stops choking
when my feet hit the ground I won't feel the unrelenting,
Pressure mounted against me.
Waiting to see if I make my day complete.

If I stall any longer, then why even bother?
my fire for the day is already smothered
I don't want to sit in wait,
I don't want to wait for something great.
All the barriers I set equate
to another day spent in a motionless state

I know I can do better than this.


from Binary EP, released April 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Paths Howell, Michigan

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