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The devil is alive, the devil is inside of me.
I'm sick of living life doing what I ought to be

I'm cleansed in the red water of the dead
My head is pounding now it's open

I held this bastard to his word,
He said he'd thin out the herd

Take these people off the world,
such a task he's overwhelmed
I'm a living crisis,
Hands held out of vices

Actions pre-disposed by my own devices
the plague is a living virus
I've been acting so absurd,
No day goes by without a word,

I'd lose control over my life
over my dead body
I'd leave these bones to be rusting

Now I'm stuck forever in night
turn me over, I want to breathe the light

I don't want to be this way for life
I turned myself over, got rid of the right
at what cost does it come to me?
these nerves don't feel, anything but empty

The devil is alive and he's made his home inside these bones
It's the price I pay but I've made my money,
I've sold my soul.
I made a living selling hunks of this heart of gold,
I don't know what I've become but I know that I feel alone

Not a lesson learned in life
Nothing is written
Served in black and white


from Binary EP, released April 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Paths Howell, Michigan

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