Binary EP

by Paths

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Our first full release as a band. Written and recorded by us.


released April 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Paths Howell, Michigan

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Track Name: Binary (Intro)
My lungs are thin, my head's caved in
I am your dying wish, the angel's kiss

This is the end of my work,
The end of the earth.

These are the things you can't see
Re-written in Binary.
Track Name: Sideswipe
I've been trying to live with this empty worn skin
I feel a longing inside me
I don't wanna be empty

I feel their fingers below me
Gripping at my ankles
I've been submerged in darkness
no compass to the surface


Two daggers crawl around my head
One turned toward my heart
The other guides my hand
I'm guided from the outside
Against myself my hands are tied

I'll close my eyes, leave it behind
Try to make a desert out of my mind.
I need clarity or it'll be the death of me
I hold this life within my finger tips
The time is ticking as the fingers are slipping
I'll hold my hand back from what it's thinking
I'm not strong enough to win
I've been waiting so long for this life to begin
But before you even know it, before you can even see it

my life is gone right before my youth
Ripped out of my head like a dying tooth
These bones removed right from their roots

I'm no good they probably said to you
You hear their words as undying truth
They never shook my hand but they'll lie to you

This body, this brain, this family, my worth
I tried to turn my back but it hurts
I want to be the end of pain
I need to drown the earth in flames

I wanna push you to the very edge,
Your life will never be the same again
All of your dreams laid out before you
Let them go before the devil takes you
Reach out your hand before paranoia destroys you and leaves you empty

I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
Why does it feel like I'm constantly a target?
Ill subject myself to judgement
But not from someone who doesn't know me
I'm sick of being told who I am
I live this life
I am my own man

...But this darkness guides my hand
I'm not strong enough to win.
Track Name: Skull
I'll close my eyes, hope for the best
As my focus Pursues the sharp pain in my chest.
This song stems from my skull
The fragmented remains of what went wrong
The movie replays a thousand times
Can't get through I'm stepping on land mines.

The explosions represent when conversation went wrong
The wrong word was said
It's gone it can't be changed
Get out of my head

This skull is my sanctuary
A place I can think where nobody can hear me
Protected by bones and brain,
Scenarios run the outcomes the same

I've lived in this head for too long
Thinking of the places I've been
Thinking if ways to get by where I can do no wrong

Every day is a living hell inside my hideaway,
My happiness has become my prey

I don't know if I'm in here alone
I don't know if I'm safe or being followed
I'm just getting in my own way
Because that's what I was born to do

I'm so angry with myself
Every night I lose the part of the day that made me happy to be where I am with the people who love me

I'm jaded, fed up, pissed off, frustrated
Snubbed by my over thinking skull
I wanna smash my head into a pulp
I don't wanna think of this anymore

I thought the bone would protect me
Nothing can stop me
I'm the archetype of what you can't be.
Track Name: Codex (feat. Cody Dean)
I'm trying to wake up
from nightmares I've never seen
I'll take sentiments payed
just to wipe my dirty conscience clean

Every day it's wake, sleep, repeat
and my thoughts feel so off beat
I'm moving slowly beneath sleep's warming embrace and razor sharp teeth

I'll sleep deeply tonight
knowing my day got up and passed me by
I just regret not saying goodbye
to my responsible life

I can't spare any time
So I'll take from yours,
replenish my eyes,
I'll sleep forever more

I live the same days twice
only remembering my simple nights

Days go by without a trace,
I wait through my own inevitable mistakes
Every moment is a passing phase
Weeks go by where I sit in my waste
Each second that passes
My time's been misplaced

*Just another day, guess I'll feel unstable
With the weight of my hate crushing down on my ankles.
Guess it had to come to this, the life that I missed,
Solely unaccomplished.
Nothing, no one, no shoulder to fall on,
Living with my eyes shut

Mouth open, catching flies
a day dies before my eyes
the sunlight passes, no goals accomplished,
I feel no fulfillment that I was promised
My ability to fail is flawless
The night makes me think, Its bricks hit the hardest.
My eyes are open a sign that I'm hoping
My eyes wont burn when the sunlight ropes me
today will be the day fresh air stops choking
when my feet hit the ground I won't feel the unrelenting,
Pressure mounted against me.
Waiting to see if I make my day complete.

If I stall any longer, then why even bother?
my fire for the day is already smothered
I don't want to sit in wait,
I don't want to wait for something great.
All the barriers I set equate
to another day spent in a motionless state

I know I can do better than this.
Track Name: Poisoned Eyes (feat. Ty Ennis)
Waking up in the empty of the night,
voice in my throat screams 'what happened to my light?'
I'm alone and the room is quiet,
all of my failures scream out into the silence

*What do you think you're doing with your life?
frustration, conversations ending all in strife

I'm at a disagreement with myself, thoughts pushing me deeper into hell

*Can't you be happy for once in your life you pathetic piece of shit?

Get a grip man, your mind's slipping, you're losing it

*Every little lie you tell yourself,
at the end of the day, you're still on a shelf.

I've got fire and hate in my eyes
burning up the sight of who I despise
The light is absent as the room comes crashing down
I'm waiting for that sweet release of sound

So say goodbye to the man that you once knew
I'm not holding back from what I have to do to you
My soul's alive and its leaving this body to burn you

Your poisoned eyes can't see through mine,
your open mouth makes up for absent mind,
at least that's what you've been trying to tell me,
out of your mind is this thought,
you are my enemy.

My dirty hands want to grasp your beating heart

Just listen closely, you've been doomed from the start

I won't believe it.

Plague in my mind, a day it takes to defeat it.
Track Name: Cerberus
The devil is alive, the devil is inside of me.
I'm sick of living life doing what I ought to be

I'm cleansed in the red water of the dead
My head is pounding now it's open

I held this bastard to his word,
He said he'd thin out the herd

Take these people off the world,
such a task he's overwhelmed
I'm a living crisis,
Hands held out of vices

Actions pre-disposed by my own devices
the plague is a living virus
I've been acting so absurd,
No day goes by without a word,

I'd lose control over my life
over my dead body
I'd leave these bones to be rusting

Now I'm stuck forever in night
turn me over, I want to breathe the light

I don't want to be this way for life
I turned myself over, got rid of the right
at what cost does it come to me?
these nerves don't feel, anything but empty

The devil is alive and he's made his home inside these bones
It's the price I pay but I've made my money,
I've sold my soul.
I made a living selling hunks of this heart of gold,
I don't know what I've become but I know that I feel alone

Not a lesson learned in life
Nothing is written
Served in black and white